CFP Land API Documentation

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CFP Land API Documentation

This document outlines the endpoints available for the CFP Land conference data API. This repo will also be used to track improvements and changes - including new versions, deprecations, and enhanced functionality, so you might want to watch on Github if you’re actively using this API.

Note: This API is experimental, and subject to change, but I’ll try not to introduce any breaking changes to the /v0/ path.

Unauthenticated Users

Public, unrestricted access to the CFP Land API includes all conferences with CFPs closing in the next 21 days. This same data is also available via our RSS Feed or website.

Get Conferences

GET https://api.cfpland.com/v0/conferences

Query Params


    "items": [
            "category": "Security",
            "name": "Threat CON",
            "provider": "Airtable",
            "providerId": "recm97rtUzVwM9wsV",
            "region": "Asia",
            "cfp_due_date": "2019-07-05",
            "cfp_start_date": "2019-05-24",
            "cfp_url": "https://threatcon.io/",
            "created_date": "2019-05-24T00:21:25.000Z",
            "country": "Nepal",
            "description": "THREAT CON is a new initiative that aims to facilitate a gateway to standard practices and create a new development within the field of cybersecurity- for developers, security practitioners, IT administrators or anyone interested.",
            "event_end_date": "2019-05-24",
            "event_start_date": "2019-08-29",
            "event_url": "https://threatcon.io/",
            "icon": [
                    "id": "attSRKTYrJxBpzlWo",
                    "url": "https://dl.airtable.com/.attachments/668308f874146e1c4f49db4246498a3f/10ebc5a8/favicon.png",
                    "filename": "favicon.png",
                    "size": 12826,
                    "type": "image/png",
                    "thumbnails": {
                        "small": {
                            "url": "https://dl.airtable.com/.attachmentThumbnails/42d36d13eb00e9803e923d3063ed053f/f7e763e0",
                            "width": 35,
                            "height": 36
                        "large": {
                            "url": "https://dl.airtable.com/.attachmentThumbnails/193731f06de766cac75ff1e4ff59e57e/c2b6bf4c",
                            "width": 303,
                            "height": 312
                        "full": {
                            "url": "https://dl.airtable.com/.attachmentThumbnails/559c207c2617d978bd9671369462c9e7/2a6f2a18",
                            "width": 3000,
                            "height": 3000
            "is_new": true,
            "location": "Kathmandu, Bagmati, NP",
            "subregion": "Southern Asia",
            "twitter": "@threat_con",
            "perks_checked": false,
            "perks_list": "❓",
            "travel_covered": false,
            "hotel_covered": false,
            "stipend_covered": false,
            "created_days_back": 0
    "total": 1

Support or Contact

If you believe you’ve found an error in this documentation or the API itself, please create an issue here in Github. This helps ensure that other users can learn from any problems you encounter and track solutions.